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  • Second Call for Papers : SACHES Annual Conference 2017

    Second Call for Papers

    SACHES Annual Conference 2017

    Tuesday, 25 to Thursday, 27 July 2017


    “Globalization in Education and Local Development?”


    New Fairmount Hotel and Casino, Livingstone, Zambia



    Keynote Speaker

    Prof Sichalwe Kasanda

    University of Lusaka (UNILUS), Zambia

    Prof Matthew AM Thomas

    Sydney School of Education and Social Work, University of Sydney

    Prof Steve Azaiki

    President: ISCEST (International Society of Comparative Education, Science and Technology, Nigeria)

    Deadline for proposals: Monday 6 March 2017

    The theme of the conference is “Globalization in Education and Local Development”. It is intended to attract a broad range of educational and academic stakeholders active in educational development in Africa and beyond – include university academics, policymakers, teacher educators, members of teachers unions, education departments, NGOs and other civil society structures. Sub-themes includes:

    • Building Personal and National Pride through Global Education
    • Adult Education, Gender and Literacy
    • Breaking barriers in literacy education
    • Bureaucracy in Education Institutions
    • Citizenship and civic education
    • Education financing, planning and management
    • Education for social transformation
    • Education policy and practice
    • Comparative education
    • Gender dynamics and women education
    • Higher Education, partnerships and research
    • Higher Education and Social Needs
    • HIV/AIDS and Development
    • Human Rights and Disabilities
    • ICT and Education
    • Innovative pedagogies in Education
    • Language and culture in the global context
    • Teacher professionalism
    • Peace and security education
    • Private Education, Early Education and Special Education
    • Quality Education for sustainable development
    • Recontextualizing indigenous knowledge through teaching and learning
    • Education and Entrepreneurship
    • Customer care and relations in education
    • Curriculum Design and Development for the changing world
    • Teacher Education in the 21st Century
    • Adult Education and Gerontology
    • History of Education
    • Student perceptions of good teachers

    The format of the conference will include full length papers, panel discussions, symposia, round table discussions and poster presentations. Abstracts of papers (max. 350 words) must be submitted to the conference organizer, Jo-Anne Koch. The deadline for proposals is 6 March 2017.

    Local and international scholars and agencies in the field of Comparative, International, Development Education, History and Sociology of Education are invited to attend and participate in sub-themes which will include, inter alia, education and economic austerity, development agencies, language of teaching and learning, teacher education policy and practice. Consult the SACHES website: www.saches.co.za.


    Abstracts should be submitted electronically (by e-mail), in RTF/MSWord format as file attachments (not as part of the message) to the conference organiser at the following e-mail address: joanne.adams@saches.co.za


    • Paid-up Members: R2 800-00
    • Normal Registration: R3 200-00
    • Registered students: R2 000-00

    The registration form is available from the conference organiser.

    Delegates can deposit the registration fee into the following bank account:

    Account Detail:

    ABSA: Active Save

    Name: SACHES

    Account Number: 23527847

    Branch Code: 632005

    Swift Code for delegates abroad: ABSA za jj

    Reference: Delegate name + surname + Membership number

    E-mail or Fax proof of payment: joanne.adams@saches.co.za or +27 86 624 5001


    Any further queries can be addressed to:

    Jo-Anne Koch

    E-mail: joanne.adams@saches.co.za

    Tel: +27 84 929 0170

    Fax: +27 86 624 5001

    Southern African Comparative and History of Education Society

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