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Our Vision

As a generation of greater opportunities backed up by modern technological advancement and unprecedented innovations, our activities are committed to knowledge development services creating a legacy of continuing education, re engineering of skills and retaining leadership position by providing up to date needing materials and a world class e-Library.

Our Mission

To create an enabling environment that will harness intellectual and material resources required for the generation of innovative ideas and the pursuit of lifelong learning. Working together, we strive to provide equal access to information, ideas and knowledge through books, programs and other resources. We provide world class facilities, stored wealth of knowledge, excellent environment and a culture of up to date service delivery for education, innovation and incubation of ideas.


Azaiki Public Library Inc. is a registered United States of America-based not for profit, educational Foundation organized primarily to provide educational and research assistance to students, academics, educational institutions and the general public in Africa. Our country of primary concern is Nigeria.

We have just completed the construction of a State-of-the-Art Library and Museum in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria. This city is central to the Nigerian Law School (south-south), University of PortHacourt, the newly established Federal University of Technology- Otuoke, Federal Polytechnic – Ekewei, College of Education, Sagbama, Niger Delta Centre for Research and Documentation, Center for Advanced Social Sciences and other notable educational institutions in Southern Nigeria.

This Corporation is also registered in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission, CAC, as a non-governmental organization, put together primarily for public good. The Board of directors of this foundation comprises some notable US and Nigerian academics and public administrators committed to ensuring the success of the project.


We serve as exponent of unrestricted access and acquisition of knowledge, innovation and leadership skill development. An educated, knowledgeable Nigeria whose young men and women posses enhanced and equitable access to Political, Social and Economic opportunities for fulfilling their life ambitions.

To achieve these, the following objectives have been designed:

  • We have a State-of-the-Art e-Library that can accommodate twenty (20) persons at a time;
  • We have a regular library that houses over 20 thousand books, journals and periodicals;
  • 20 Kindles each hosting 6000 books;
  • The World Class Kids Section can house up to 20 children at a time;
  • Coffee Bar (is a recreational center set up to ease tension and satisfy thirst or as a place for conversation during Library time;
  • Lecture and Conference Rooms – (We have two lecture rooms and an ultra modern world class conference rooms

Long Term Goals

The long term goal of this project is to develop a Center of academic research and excellence and to further develop a full blown University built and designed using United States curriculum in Nigeria.

To achieve this long-term goal, on the short term, we plan to attract Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, to Nigeria, first as a partner to the Library and Research Center; second, as a branch campus in Nigeria, and finally, as a full blown independent Nigerian University with State-of-the-Art library and research facilities

Short Term Objectives

  • To build and operate a State-of-the-Art Library to serve the mission outline above by 2014;
  • To furnish and stock the entire Library with hard cover books, Journals and other related materials;
  • To set up an e-Library System, using a remote Intranet system to meet the needs of an e-Library in an area with limited Internet Services;
  • To allocate a section of the library to serve as center for public tests including GRE, GMAT SAT and other educational online examinations;
  • To partner with the United States’ Department of Education, to execute the International Exchange Programme for scholars between West Africa and the United States;
  • To partner with Georgia Southern Polytechnic and University in Atlanta Georgia to serve as a local outlet open university in Nigeria. This relationship is intended to lead to the setting up of Georgia Southern University in Nigeria working in a Collaborative relationship with Azaiki Public Library;
  • To register with American Library Association and all her subsidiaries and participate in conferences and seminars on research advancements;
  • To register with American Chamber of Commerce, obtain an IRS tax deductible status;
  • To partner with Clinton Global Initiative, Ford Foundation, New York, Chevron –Texaco Foundation, Houston Texas, Mobil oil Foundation, Coca-Cola International Foundation, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for initial project funding in the post construction period;
  • To serve as a point of information dissemination to all university Libraries in Nigeria. We will serve as Central library to facilitate inter library book exchange programmes in Nigeria;
  • The library could compile resources to support not only the entrepreneurs but also their mentors and planners in realizing the common goal of setting up world-class technology companies for Nigeria, including Oil and Gas resources;
  • The library plans to have an in-house resource person specialized in building, mining and providing information resources relevant to technology entrepreneurs. Technology resources will be focused on emerging technology areas in chemical sciences, biological sciences, materials sciences, Agriculture, environment, Oil and Gas;
  • One-Stop Shop for relevant information. In particular, inspirational and education books for entrepreneurs and technologists, patent databases, industry and market information databases, information relating to standards (eg, ASTM, ISO etc) and regulations (FDA, GMP etc), in-house databases on local and regional resources;
  • To run reading hours and training programmes to inform and educate technologists and entrepreneurs on information sources available and how to use that information. Information resources will support several training programmes and workshops that Venture Center plans to run for technologists and entrepreneurs.
  • To serve as a point of reference and information on International funding for NGOs, Resource for International Conferences and workshops for University Academics, provide evaluation services for International funding projects in Nigeria among others;
  • To build in-house databases to meet information needs of technology entrepreneurs. This is likely to include databases of business mentors, financiers, suppliers, customers, service providers. This database will be similar to the United States Duns and Bradstreet to meet the Nigerian Industrial needs;

Demography of Library Location
Bayelsa State is a state in Southern Nigeria in the core Niger Delta region. Its capital is Yenagoa. The four major languages spoken are Izon, Nembe, Epie-Atissa and Ogbia. Like the rest of Nigeria, English is the official language. The state was formed in 1996 from part of Rivers State and is thus one of the newest states in the Nigerian Federation.

Bayelsa State has one of the largest crude oil and natural gas deposits in Nigeria. As a result, petroleum production is extensive in the state. However, the majority of Bayesians live in poverty. They are mainly rural dwellers due to its peculiar terrain and lack of adequate transportation, health, education or other infrastructure as a result of decades of neglect by the central governments, state governments, and petroleum prospecting companies.

The local population engages in fishing on a subsistence and commercial level. The Bayelsa State government is otherwise the main employer of labour in the state. Bayelsa has a riverine and estuarine setting. A lot of her communities are almost (and in some cases) completely surrounded by water, hence making these communities inaccessible by road. The state is home to the Edumanom Forest Reserve, in June 2008 the last known site for chimpanzees in the Niger Delta]

Notable sons of Bayelsa State include veteran novelist and poet, Gabriel Okara; pioneer Nigerian journalist and pre-independent freedom fighter, Ernest Ikoli; Nigerian Civil War hero Major Isaac Adaka Boro (Nigerian Army) and Canadian Olympic gold medalist and world wrestling champion, Daniel Igali; Others include revolutionaries and April 22, 1990 martyrs Captains Perebo Dakolo and Harley Empere (Nigerian Army); former Governor of Rivers State, HRM Alfred Diete-Spiff (now king of the city of Twon-Brass, Nigeria); Scholars and Writers like Prof Steve Azaiki , distinguished military personnels like late Gen Andrew Owoye Azazi, former National Security Adviser ,and the current President of Nigeria Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

Yenagoa, the capital city, is the traditional home of the Ijaw people. The Ijaw form the majority in Bayelsa state. Azaiki Public Library and Foundation is located in Yenagoa, ten kilometers from Oloibiri, where oil was discovered in commercial quantity in Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

Who the Library Caters to

  • Students and Academics, Nigerian Law School
  • Universities and Colleges in all 36 States of Nigeria
  • Oil and Gas Companies in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria
  • Mining and Solid Minerals’ Entrepreneurs in Nigeria.
  • Nigerian Stock Exchange, Market and industry reports, surveys and information
  • Intellectual property (patents, trademarks, copyright etc) and licensing
  • Reference information supporting technology development
  • Entrepreneurship and venture development; Inspirational books; Biographies of entrepreneurs
  • Technology and innovation management
  • Guides for nuts-and-bolts issues relating to company formation, operations, locals rules-regulations-registrations, etc
  • Internal collections and directories
  • Information and database on Foreign Direct Investments.

Sections and Services in the Library

  • Sections and collections
  • Periodicals (current and archived; hard copy and web)
  • Books and reference (inspirational books, reference books, business management, CDs, e-books, web sites)
  • Database (print, CD-ROM, web)
  • Directories (subscribed or in-house; print or CD-ROM or web)
  • Audiovisual collection (movies)
  • Library visiting hours for reading and reference
  • Book loan
  • Inter-library loan
  • Audio-visual facilities
  • Internet access facilities
  • Information research services
  • Workshops
  • Seminars and demos
  • Photocopying

Books and references in the library

  • Company law
  • Taxation Law
  • Nigerian Law review
  • Local registrations
  • Nigerian regulations regarding drugs, medical devices, foods, environment
  • Local and regional information, service providers etc
  • In-house databases and directories of service providers
  • In-house databases and directories of business mentors
  • In-house databases and directories of financiers
  • In-house databases and directories of government funding sources and supporting mechanisms
  • Technology trends and reviews
  • Technology Review
  • Nature
  • Science
  • Agriculture Books and Review
  • Social Science Books & Review
  • Engineering Books & Review
  • Nigerian Government Contracts gazette