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Azaiki Public Library collection comprises 2 sections: An online digital library and a physical library.

Our online digital library, which boasts of thousands of books, is hosted by The Alexandria Digital Research Library. The Alexandria Digital Research Library (ADRL) is UC Santa Barbara Library’s home for collections of digital research materials. This comprehensive digital library is intended to increase access to millions of hidden digital research assets in the UCSB Library’s possession and, ultimately, serve as a single federated dashboard or front end to discovering all of the Library’s resources.

Our physical library consists of the following:

  • Desktop Computer Systems
  • Kindles Tablets each hosting 6000 books
  • World-class Kids Section and Materials
  • Company Law
  • Taxation Law Review.
  • Nigeria, Africa and World Economic Reports.
  • Nigeria, Government Contracts Gazette.
  • Engineering Books and Reviews.
  • Social Science Books and Reviews.
  • Agriculture Books and Reviews.
  • Science and Nature Books
  • Technology Trends and reviews
  • In-house database and directories of business.
  • In-house database and directories of government,funding sources and supporting mechanism for business start up and growth.
  • In-house database and directories of business mentors.
  • In-house database and directories of service providers, local and international.
  • Nigerian regulations regarding drugs, medical services, foods, environment, capital market, insurance, banking etc.