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  • POEM: The Azaiki Public Library

    POEM: The Azaiki Public Library

    The Azaiki Public Library

    The Azaiki Public Library, let’s call it APL
    Provides much educational support, for learners to excel

    APL has corporate links with International Institutions
    The scope is wide enough to benefit, citizens of all nations

    One can access its E-Library, periodicals and journals too
    All are welcome, step inside; there’s room for me and you

    The Niger Delta Museum is an auspicious resource centre
    Researchers do not hesitate, its ‘open’ doors to enter

    And when inside do not forget to peruse the Art Galleries
    You will be touched by what you see from all the many entities

    Lecture, conference, exhibition halls, are also housed inside
    And a pleasant staff to welcome you, with arms opened wide

    A welcoming Coffee Bar’s inside, if you wish to have a drink
    Now that’s quite cool and trendy; tell me, what do you think?

    ‘World Class Public Library’, a fitting label for APL
    So spread the word home and abroad, by ringing its ‘goodwill’ bell

    Gertrude Shotte


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