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  • MBGN Delegates’ Visit Azaiki Library

    MBGN Delegates’ Visit Azaiki Library

    What qualities do you think a future Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria (MBGN) should possess? Do you think having brains is more important than having beauty or vice versa?

    Honorable Dr. Steve Azaiki, owner of Azaiki Public Library seems to think the MBGN should have more brains as he invited the delegates over to his library. Without much hesitation these delegates combed through the library as they all seemed to be interested in the books, art and historic photograph collection.

    According to him, his plan was to build a library in his home state with funds collected from the sales of his books in the market.

    The library had all sorts of things ranging from political books, pictures of relevant people in world history and books to compliment them. It was just so obvious that the girls had different tastes in literature because all the sections seemed to have different sets of contestants in them.

    After the visit to the library, Dr Azaiki invited the queens over to his residence for a sumptuous dinner. To sum it all the girls seemed to have had a splendid outing.

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