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  • An Absence of Light by David Lindsey

    An Absence of Light by David Lindsey

    All major urban police departments have intelligence Divisions-Investigative squads that are highly sensitive because they collect secret about men and women who have not yet committed any crime.

    An Absence of Light opens with the discovery of the body of Arthur Tisler, an investigator in Houston’s Intelligence Division, who is found in his parked car with a bullet in his head. Everyone from the homicide cops to the chief of police hopes its suicide; if it is the case can be quietly closed. If, on the other hand, Tisler’s death is in any way related to his secret investigation, it could bring down the entire police department.

    Marcus Graver, who heads Houston’s Intelligence Division, realizes he cannot adequately pursue Tisler’s death “inside,” so he gets help from Arnette, a freelancer who has spent most of her career in the far East for the CIA. When Arneete’s surveillance team leads her to Panos Kalatis—a former legendary deep-cover  agent for the Mossad who is now one of the richest and most vicious criminals in the world—she realizes Graver is way out of his league. In fact, Arnette knows, if the enemy is Kalatis, the entire Houston Police Department is out of its league.

    In An Absence of light David Lindsey takes us into the terrifying new world of global high-tech crime, a brutal shadow world were men of limitless power and wealth operate almost as nations, trading billions of  dollars’ worth of drugs and weapons in an arena without borders, without laws, and devoid of any kind of morality. Book  available at Azaiki Library      

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