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The Institute of Science and Technology, Yenagoa

IST Yenagoa is a constituent institute of the Azaiki Foundation

The Institute of Science and Technology Yenagoa (IST Yenagoa) is a constituent institute of the Azaiki Foundation. It is a new interdis-ciplinary research-led institute dedicated to applied research and education in science and technology, located in Yenagoa, Bayelsa.

The Institute’s objective is to empower our generation and make a contribution to the nation to help uplift the progress in business, science, technology and to undertake cutting-edge research that will inform policy and development in Nigeria.
Additionally, the Institute seeks to:

  • develop leaders in society or industry who hold credible expertise in the frontier science and technology, broad perspectives, high level of autonomy and communication ability, through its systematic advanced continuing professional development courses,
  • contribute to Nigerian societies with research outcomes, creates a centre of excellence for advancement of empirical work for solving problems of our country and society and develops new fields through a variety of applied empirical research studies.

Mission Statement

The Institute shall conduct internationally outstanding education and research in science and technology, and thus contribute to the sustainable development of Bayelsa, and promote and sustain the advancement of science and technology in Nigeria.

Academic structure & leadership
The Institute’s President and Vice-Chancellor is Prof Steve Azaiki and will be assisted by members of the Vice Chancellor Group (VCG) made up of a Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic & Quality Assurance, Deputy Vice Chancellor Research, Innovation & Enterprise, Deputy Vice Chancellor Finance, Resources & Administration and Institute Secretary & Registrar.

The Institute will have five schools, each headed by a Dean—Delta Business School, School of Applied Sciences, School of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, School of Innovative Technologies, and School of Professional Studies & Development.

Other academic units

Academic departments include:

  • Department of Small Business, Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Department of Human Resources, Strategy & Marketing
  • Department of Business Finance & Accounting
  • Department of Forensic Science
  • Department of IT and Applied Analysis
  • Department of Applied Technologies
  • Department of Oil & Gas Engineering Assets Management
  • Department of Food Security & Sustainability
  • Department of Rural Skills & Innovation
  • Department of Environment & Climate Studies
  • Department of Education & Lifelong Learning
  • Department of Languages & Community Cohesion
  • Department of Foundation Studies
  • Department of Agriculture

Specialist professional development and research centres include:

  • Centre for Executive Skills, Competence & Development
  • Centre for Intelligence, Security Studies & Public Safety
  • Centre for Academic Leadership, Teaching & Learning Competence
  • Centre for Quality Assurance in Higher Education
  • Centre for School Leadership & Administrators
  • Centre for Entrepreneurial Innovation and Research
  • Centre for Business Analytics
  • Centre for Youth Employment & Job Creation
  • Centre for Co-ordinated Response to Critical Situations
  • Centre for Communication Skills for Hospital Nurses and Doctors
  • Centre for the Delivery & Maintenance of Public Infrastructural Projects

Operational strategy
The Institute will provide facilities and internationally recog-nised scientific experts to host and lead teaching, research and scientific exploration to address specific selected educational, development, business, scientific, technological and National Security challenges of national importance. Through teams and collaborative efforts, with government, universities and indus-try, leading scientists, engineers and National Security special-ists with a particular focus on providing solutions to critical na-tional challenges.